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A General Introduction about LONG QI COMPANY LIMITED

A General Introduction about LONG QI COMPANY LIMITED

      According to Chinese and South East Asia Regions, Dragon is a legendary creature God that appears in the folklore. It means the greatness. Chuu is a serpent-like legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures and represents affection and great luck. They are very kind and can stay alive till 2 thousands of years. It is always a good fortune happens at every time that Chuu comes out. It represents "Cool and Good Luck". Like Za Ma Ni birds, it has male and female variety. Male calls Chi and Female calls Hlyin.
     The mission and vision of LONG QI COMPANY Group is based from Dragon and Chuus' meaning as these two are representing "Greatness and Cool Good Luck". It makes people alert and remind to always think about the peaceful life. It gives people hope, good luck and happiness. Then, it can bring the good generation, great good luck and the perfect light for us. It is also represent the greatness, affection and sympathy, and cool good luck.

The Company and its product logo under LONG QI GROUP OF COMPANY

The Company and its product logo under LONG QI GROUP OF COMPANY

Mainly franchise and sell Leader Compressor
  2. Mainly produces high quality Ma Haw Gani Furniture and other modernized office furniture. We made high quality Ma Haw Ga Ni Furniture by using good quality wood like Phoebe Zhennan and Thama Lan.
It becomes the high quality furniture after decorating every specific detail.
It looks the only one and impressive one that can pass through one generation after another. It is also reveal that "the impressiveness of Min Dynasty and the grandness of Man Chuu Dynasty". One can see that the finest combination of simple design and modernized design on the creation of modern office furniture. It might more appear the extraordinary features of the furniture. It is really attractive as it was full of the beauty of era and the human culture.
LONG QI COMPANY Group is trying to build the biggest furniture group in Myanmar.
We open our first furniture showroom with four story building and 3000 sq ft at Hlaing Thar Yar Township. We open another 2 showrooms; Number 2 and 3 at the center of Yangon, Business Area in order to value our customer and to maintain building customer relationship service more than before.

We at LONG QI FURNITURE can declare that all of our furniture likes bedsteads, living room seats, decoration things, office table and chairs are included the Chinese Culture.
Furthermore, we made the special suitable office furniture for the high class General Administration Staffs. All the furniture, from the classic to modernized designs are very attractive and catchable others. These designs are not only useful but also beautiful and the eye-catching designs are like no others. Especially, we are offering to our customer the good quality products with fair price.
That can definitely fulfill the customer satisfaction by offering "High Quality, Fair Price System".
The reason why customer must trust on LONG QI GROUP OF COMPANY's products is that we combine all these essential steps in one place; produce, design, sell and service.

We also guarantee the quality and the highest standard of ours factory products that it was already achieved ISO9000 certification. Since from the start, LONG QI Furniture carefully analyze to understand Myanmar target market and to know their desire on a deeper level. We go to the factories, companies, apartments and houses and do on ground analysis. Most of Myanmar has tropical monsoon climate with three seasons (summer, Rainy Season, and winter) a year. According to the weather, we import the technology of drying wood and remove oil from it. Because of that technology, it can prevent changing the quality of the furniture. That's why all of our loyal customers give the good feedback after they used our LONG QI GROUP OF COMPANY's Furniture.

We at LONG QI Furniture can promise to try our best to develop Myanmar living conditions based on the logo which gets most favorable feedback from our customers. LONG QI GROUP OF COMPANY will collect all the resources from Myanmar and will continuously improve and expand our work.

 Our goals is to become a star in Myanmar, aim another step forward to ASIAN and finally to connect with all over the world. We look forward and will give strong strength in order to strengthen our group of business. 
Our future goal is to offer LONG QI's morale with new creation.

We will give our best service to coordinate with customers; like Dragon is flying. Then, we are going to build Win-Win Situation with our customers.


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